The  Mailigator Second Edition paper prints

The Mailigator Second Edition paper prints

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Signed and matted Giclee prints on paper

After hurricane Ian there was an alligator in the Sanibel post office. My FB post about it went viral. I did the original Mailigator painting and sold t-shirts and raised over ten thousand dollars and donated it to locals who were affected by the hurricane. This is the Mailigator second edition I did to raise money for my coworker and friend Angie. This one has some additions…. The ever popular baseball cap with our zip code on it, a flamingo since the flamingos visited Sanibel after Hurricane Idalia, a mail truck to represent Angie who is a mail carrier. The crab holding a sign because Sanibel is still Paradise and the junonia because so many people have been finding junonia shells since Ian. Also if you zoom in on the letters in the mail tubs I added names of streets on Angie’s route.